Bosnian Engineers among the best in the World!

Bosnian Engineers among the best in the World!

As many times before, it was once again proven that Bosnia and Herzegovina has very ambitious and capable young people. This time, the evidence are students and assistance from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo.

Among three millions of engineers on the webpage from all around the world, the team of students and assistants from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo were declared the best team of engineers to work on a project in 2015. They won the “Golden Gear Award 2015” for the “TOP Collaborative Model”.

Young engineers won the award for the project “PINKI”. The project is about the development of conceptual design of a motorcycle and its 3D modelling. Within the project, around 2.000 individual parts of the motorcycle have been developed and the project took almost two years to complete. Students who participated in the project are Matej Pezer, Asim Ćosić, Adnan Tiro, Arnel Hero, Admir Šupić and Adnan Šupić.

Through the project, the students have gained experiences which will certainly be beneficial for employment. In addition to the aforementioned, the students also developed skills such as teamwork, collaboration, working under pressure, meeting the deadlines, which are certainly desirable qualities that the employers look for nowadays.

Assistants from the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Constructions at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo Adi Pandžić, Adis Muminović and Vahid Avdić provided selfless support in the development of the PINKI model.

By presenting the project PINKI on various engineering sites, students also attracted clients and investors from all around the world. Consequently, they have already established one company and another one is in the process of establishing. The company Dessault Systems from the USA bought rights for using the model of PINKI motorcycle, and company Nvidia bought rights for using pictures of the motorcycle.

A message for students of other technical faculties is to not wait to be employed by someone, but to create their own workplace by themselves. There is certainly a lot of work in today’s engineering world and everything is available online.


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