Working in the Middle East


Working in the Middle East

Employment under the contract in the stable and popular companies and resorts in United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain.

Spheres of our activities are:

Hotels & Restaurants, Night Clubs & Casinos;
Sport & Beauty;
Domestic staff;
Sales & Marketing,

Work in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar has some differences from Egypt or Turkey.
For the first, Contracts are long term. You must be ready to move abroad perhaps for 1 year.
For the second, there exists a real career growth. Companies use a lot of kinds to motivate their Employees and increase their professional level. There are also a lot of trainings free of payment.
The last, recommendations from stable and famous Companies of United Arab Emirates or Qatar will give you an opportunity to find a best job at any country in all over the world. Professional and personal experience received in these region, will imagine to your Career growth and all your life.

Requirements to candidates:

Age from 21 till 32years (on supervising posts till 45 years);
Good or fluent in English;
Possibility and desire to work not less than 1 year;
Usually, need experience of a work from 2 years and more.

Interesting to know!

Service charge (use only by Hotels).
What is it? Into customer’s bill includes % for service. Each month total amount shares between all employees of hotel and the size of the service charge can be from 450 to 1500 AED per month (125-475 $).

Payment for additional foreign languages:
Some hotels pay extra for knowledge of any foreign languages, and some – only for knowledge ones defined by the Management. The sum of additional payment can be 150 – 400 AED (42-110$).

Are paid for «the best worker of month», «the best worker of year» etc.

All vacancies of hotel & restaurant sphere assume tips. The size of tips can be from 800 till 12000 AED (220-3000$).

Career growth:
As we told before it is not only possible, but also is welcomed! You can be promoted after 6 months or 1 year.

After the contract termination, you can stay in the United Arab Emirates or Qatar 30 days and find a new job.

Resident Visa, including the permission to residing (Stay Permit) and the work permit (Work Permit) for 3 years;

Usually Employers pay for:

The return air ticket upon termination of the contract;
Free residing at comfortable conditions, a food, journey to/with a work place;
Free uniform and its cleaning;
Full health services;
Paid holiday of 30 days in a year;
The paid sick-list of 15 days in a year;
If we calculate all costs for the employment, accommodation, meal, transportation, trainings, salary, awards and tips, we’ll get very attractive size of a salary!!!

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